What is a Backlink? All You Need to Know in 2023

Backlinks are links that one website has to other with an anchor text. A backlink can be any article that links to another website or source. There are many examples of backlinks to websites all over the Internet, particularly on blogs that link back directly to relevant content.

What is a Backlink? All You Need to Know in 2023

This is the first question many site owners ask when they first learn about search engine optimization (SEO), and all it entails.

It is easy to confuse inbound, incoming, and backlinks. In reality, they are all the same. Today's post will cover everything you need to know about backlinks to help you approach your SEO with confidence.

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What is a Backlink?

A backlink can be defined as a link that points to your website from any web page, web page or web directory (source).
It is a backlink if another website links directly to your site.

How do Backlinks affect SEO?

URL You can either make the backlink do-follow, which allows Google to crawl the link, or you can tell the bots not to follow it. The former is the most common, the latter can be used to link sponsored or affiliate links.

Brian Dean, an SEO genius, lists backlinks as one of 200 ranking factors in Google. Be aware, however, that not all backlinks will be equal. A high quality backlink is better than one that is generic. A quality inbound link is one that mentions your niche (preferably a do follow)

For example, if you start a fashion blog then a high quality backlink will come from other blogs in the fashion niche.

How to check your site's Backlinks?

you can use a free backlink checker tool like this one from Ahrefs.

Simply enter the URL of the page you wish to display and the tool will list all backlinks to it.

Why are Backlinks important from Google’s standpoint?

Let's now move on to the important reasons backlinks matter. Backlinks are signals that Google uses to improve your site's ranking. Backlinks can have a significant impact on your site ranking, and are used by Google for site listing. There are several benefits to using backlinks:

  • Increasing organic rankings across all search engines
  • Indexing your site faster
  • Refer traffic to monetization
  • Increase overall website traffic
  • Increase brand awareness and domain authority

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