What is Google Search Console?

The Google Search Console is a collection of tools that enables you to monitor the operation of your website, identify problems, and improve its Google ranking. It's a free online tool Google offers with details about your website and the users who visit it.

What is Google Search Console?

In a single day Google handles more than 5 billion searches. While your site may not appear in every search on the internet however, it's vital to monitor the performance and ranking of your website in results of searches that are important to your company as well as the bottom line. Utilizing Google Search Console it's simple (and cost-free) to keep track of your website's web page's performance through Google.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free web-based solution (provided through Google and previously known as Google Webmaster Tools) which helps you keep track of, maintain and troubleshoot the presence of your website within search result pages on Google.

Anybody who is an internet developer to a company owner can make use of Google Search Console.

What exactly is Google Search Console used for?

What can GSC do for your team? Google Search Console helps you:

  • Verify that Google can locate the site, crawl it, and index your website
  • Demand for Google crawl and re-index your site, or a particular page
  • Troubleshoot the most common issues, such as mobile-friendliness as well as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Check out security issues and manual site actions and much more.
  • Find out which websites have links to yours
  • Check how often your website is featured in Google results for searches.
  • Find out which results from searches include your site
  • Check which search results bring visitors to your website

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